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Siboun in front of "Mastery" The Lady and the Unicorn
77,1/91,3 inches - Acrylic and oil and canvas, 2012

Michelle Siboun is an artist fully aware of her time. She never stop looking for new ways of working, in order to diversify, and change medias. She avoid to be trapped by any one subject or a repetitive systems. She has produced talented artistic works in a number of different fieldsĀ : Painting/Sculpture/Multimedia/Land Art/Industrial Design and Opera as well as Photography and Video are her favorite fields of intervention. In her early works, she successfully inserted her art in public space, building monumental sculptures for schools and universities, appointed by the French Ministry of Culture and Environment. With visionary results, she led and coordinated various projects. She has an outstanding record of delivering complex technological and integrative projects on time, within the limits of a given budjet, for commercial and industrial purposes. She has been an efficient team leader, driving staff to deliver on time, in the context of the London Opera for instance. Extremely creative, with a strong personality, Michelle Siboun develves into the fields of photography and videos films in original ways. Always ethical and loyal, she exudes energy, motivation and confidence. On several occasions, she has demonstrated her capacity at building positive relationships with other skillful artists. There is a certain freshness and clarity in her work that makes it stand out, in an urban context as well as in a natural environment. She seems always ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In the 85's she made a significant contribution to New York Lower East Side performances and installations with Pexus, the Rivington School and Fusion Art Collectives. Michelle Siboun was invited by Mme Danielle Mitterrand to represent France in New York City for the Bicentennial of the Statue of Liberty. Since them, Siboun's impressive path highlights a constant mastery of painting. She seems always ready to meet the challenges of the 21thcentury.